demonBlog #1

March 23, 2021

Why You Should Join Our Epic Quest!

By Kent Kemmish(tree)

We're on an Epic Quest.  We want a future so bright, you'll need triple-thick welder's goggles just to look at it.

We want a future free of involuntary biological suffering, a planet rife with pristine wilderness and populated by people using only green technologies, and a solar system teeming with terraformed habitats.

To do this we must master the engineering principles of life itself–the complexities of Molecular Reality™, the vast, mysterious, beautiful, all-important plane of existence all around us and inside us all the time.  Every living thing blazes with this complexity, it's central to your health and longevity, and it's literally the substrate of your consciousness.    

It's not generally thought of as “crazy” to suggest that we'll fully understand Molecular Reality™ in a few hundred years--but who thinks we actually have a few hundred years?!  Something epic enough to accelerate our exploration MUST happen, MUCH sooner.  
So we're growing a global tribe of Player Scientists™, a movement to explore Molecular Reality™ at a scale beyond which any of us can individually dream.  This is the way!

As part of our Epic Quest, you’ll be able to get your own demonpore 64™, a cheap but powerful portal gun that lets you enter Molecular Reality™.  Your console will serve as a neuron in a Global Molecular Mind™, and when you play games on the console, that neuron is firing.  

Not sure what that means but think it sounds… interesting?  Then your brain is tall enough for this ride!  Your sense of wonder is the main qualifier.  If you're mentally competent to play video games, physically able to pour stuff in a reservoir and close a lid, and curious enough to care, then you're fully qualified.

If you're already a biology insider–a research professional, a full-time student, an avid explorer of DIY Bio–you'll be able, from the get-go, to help develop molecular games that push your science forward.  Nanopore sensing is so much more diverse and powerful and broad than you may have heard–it is so much more than just DNA sequencing!  And you won't be limited by the one console sitting on your desk–you'll wield the power of a Global Molecular Mind™ to get vast amounts of data and collaborative input.  Imagine having an army of lab techs that you can spin up any time–except they're having fun, constantly learning, and any of them could have the big insight that changes everything at any time.

By signing up now, you're guaranteed an early spot on the waitlist, the glory of a pioneer, and access to fascinating SECRETS AND SURPRISES that only Epic Questers will get to experience. 
Let's transform the doom and gloom narratives of the near future and succeed in our Epic Quest.  The future doesn't have to suck.  Let's fight the good fight, and win!