Introducing the
demonpore 64

The world's first Molecular Gaming Console

The demonpore 64™ is a revolutionary molecular and cellular sensing tool powered by nanopores that you can use at home to explore and play with real cells and molecules that you put inside of it.

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GIF shows actual streaming data from one of the games we’re currently developing.

Our Inevitable World-Bending Mission

Our mission is to solve biology—the most important and difficult thing we’ll ever do as a species.

Each console acts like a neuron in a Global Molecular Mind™: a hyperscale data aggregation system built around nanopore sensing and AI—and powered by fun!

Join our global tribe of Player Scientists™ to make it happen.  This is the way!

See our mission illustrated in demonpore comics #1

The World's First Molecular Gaming Console

Play with the power of what will become the largest molecular sensing network in the solar system.

Beneath a removable electronic shield, the console contains electronics, a fluid pump, and a nanopore cartridge with a reservoir that can be switched out and filled with sample in just seconds. Everything needed to tap into the Molecular Reality™ game experience!

Our electronics platform, Teabiscuits™, allows for sensing of tiny currents that flow through nanopores. When cells and molecules pass through the nanopores, they produce unique electronic fingerprints that we use to identify them and measure their properties. Measuring currents from picoamps to nanoamps, at up to 125 KHz bandwidth, allows us to analyze single molecules all the way up to large multicellular aggregates.

The demonpore 64™ is designed to accommodate various controllers, accessories, and upgrades—like joysticks, cell culture incubators, microcentrifuges, microscopes, and dynamic nanopore actuators.  This flexibility allows us to augment our hardware ecosystem as needed by our researchers and game developers.  

Our MolecularTV™ game streaming platform allows players to interact and play games socially with no need for advanced hardware other than the demonpore 64™ and a standard web browser. This allows our machine learning algorithms direct access to the player's nanopore input and will allow for game masters or AI to instantly interact with the players and raw data directly.

Our in-game networks and the MolecularTV digital economy will run on an Algorand Standard Asset cryptographic token known as Adeno ($ATP). This token can be used for purchasing in game items, buying new games, and reagents. It will also be used to reward play by our players but can also be purchased directly through MolecularTV or on exchanges.

In Three Simple Steps:

1. Pick
Pick a game cartridge and select your liquid mixtures. Depending on the game, you’ll be playing with proteins, rainwater, cell cultures, saliva, food, special reagents, and much more!

2. Pour
Pour your mixture into the nanopore game cartridge and load it into the console. Molecules and cells will flow through a tiny hole called a nanopore, making unique electronic signatures to generate your gaming experience.

3. Play
Play along on!
The demonpore 64 works by reading these cells and molecules you choose. These choices are integral to gameplay and the research you will be enabling as a player scientist. All of our games will function very differently but they are all based on feeding bits of the world to the console through our game cartridges. You aren't just toying around with data anymore you are playing with the world itself. 

Our Games

Our Games

Our games are designed, developed, and guided by our Scientific Advisory Board with longer-term, fundamental scientific goals and biotech innovation in mind.

Early launch Molecular Games™ have four things in common:

1. Players are rewarded for putting stuff through nanopores (duh)

2. Players are rewarded for providing the most useful data through choices in reagents, pores, and electrofluidic control settings

3. All games are played socially—either in competition or working together

4. All the games evolve as the science evolves—and every gaming session brings new content and new challenges

We have dozens of games in early stage development. Here are just a few of them.


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